One on One Private Dance Classes Sydney

Looking for a more personalised lesson? We do offer private dance classes to help you perfect certain steps and routines. Our highly qualified dance instructors can help you progress faster by focussing on your movement. Get professional advice and demonstrations to help you overcome common mistakes or master difficult routines.

Most importantly, your instructor will develop specific strategies and techniques for you. Some dance schools just offer group lessons and their instructors can’t offer more specific advice on improving individual technique. At Arthur Murray Dance Centres, we always offer professional private lessons with specific advice to help you progress as an individual.

One on One Private Dance Classes Sydney, Learn to Dance with Arthur Murray Dance Studios

Offer Personalised Solutions

Moreover, all our instructors have competition experience as a dancer. That means they’ve spent years mastering all the different steps and techniques. Besides, what they’ve spent hours trying to perfect comes as an advantage to you since they can now offer personalised solutions that can quickly improve your technique.

So if you’re looking for a professional dance school that not only offers group classes, then look no further. Private lessons may be something you need down the track to receive more personal attention. Why trust any other dance school when it comes to One on One Private Dance Classes?  Get in touch with us today to join a professional dance school.

Learn to dance with Arthur Murray World Champions

Learn how to dance with the very best in the industry. Our award winning instructors are ready to share all their dancing secrets with you. Ready to embark yourself in an exciting new dancing journey with classes that are both fun and effective? Then come and join us at Arthur Murray Chatswood or Sydney CBD; we can’t wait to meet you!

You are in good hands

Our wonderful teachers are award winning recognised professionals with a true passion for turning our students' goals into success stories.

State of the art facilities

We have coupled excellence in service with state of the art facilities and the latest technology.

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