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Ready to experience the best Dance Classes Sydney has to offer? Let yourself go at Arthur Murray Dance Studios

At Arthur Murray Dance Centres, we offer several group dance classes in Sydney for different abilities and dance styles. All our instructors have previous competition experience and teaching experience. This means that with a keen eye for detail, they can help you perfect every move. They are also the most passionate dance instructors you will ever meet and are always willing to help. Using their experience, they can help you overcome simple mistakes and help you perfect complicated routines.

Dance Classes in Sydney that are fun and interactive!

Our group dance classes in Sydney are always fun and interactive! Furthermore, our teachers are trained to ensure a safe dancing environment to avoid any unnecessary collisions. Why wait any longer? Learn from the best in an incredible environment that promotes development, is fun and safe. Contact our Arthur Murray Dance Centres today to see if you are eligible for your free first dance class!

Learn to dance with Arthur Murray World Champions

Learn how to dance with the very best in the industry. Our award-winning instructors are ready to share all their dancing secrets with you. Ready to embark yourself in an exciting new dancing journey with classes that are both fun and effective? Then come and join us at Arthur Murray Chatswood or Sydney CBD; we cannot wait to meet you!

Ballroom Dance Classes

Over the years, ballroom dancing has become more and more popular among the masses as a form exercise, social pleasure and generally as a wonderful hobby. Rather than fixating on one style, ballroom dancing is the umbrella term for many similar dances. Many of these you may have heard of such as the Fox Trot, Tango, Waltz or Quickstep.

Throughout the world, people come together to enjoy the graceful motion and flowing movement of ballroom dancing and there is no better time to learn than now.

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Beginners Dance Classes

Everyone must start their dancing journey as a beginner. At Arthur Murray Dance Centres we are committed to helping you develop a love for dance in a safe environment! Our fun and interactive beginner dance classes are the perfect way to start your journey!

All our incredible instructors have extensive experience in dancing and teaching. They know what it takes for you to grasp the beginner steps that form the foundation of every dance style. Their patience and attention to detail allows you to progress and have an amazing time learning how to dance.

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Competition Dancing

Competitive dance is a world-renowned sport in which dances are judged on their style, choreography, execution, and flair. Dance schools from across the world bring their students to compete in a multitude of different dances to receive the adulation of winning a title.

Competition dancing is an exciting world, so if you have the passion and drive, you are sure to succeed. Join Arthur Murray Dance Studios today to start your journey.

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Group Dance Classes

As opposed to singular or couples, group dance classes is an exciting and sociable type of dance that brings people together. Typically, the vast majority of group dance has many people coordinating their moves at the same time. This creates a stunning effect for the audience and gives the participants a wonderful feeling of togetherness.

To learn about group dance and discuss what types there are, call Arthur Murray Dance Studios today!

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Private Dance Classes

When learning to dance one-to-one, you get all the attention. It is a wonderful way to hone your craft and get some individualised tips to improve your skills. You will build a strong relationship with your private instructor who will make informed decisions on how best to perfect your movements better your development.

What you would like to learn can be down to you, book your first lesson today at Arthur Murray Dance Studios.

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Bridal & Wedding Dance Classes

Your special day deserves the perfect wedding dance. Arthur Murray Dance Centres offer wedding dance classes and wedding dance programs to help you impress your guests. Your wedding day might be the most important day of your life so make sure that it has the perfect dance.

Moreover, the perfect wedding dance is a beautiful display of two souls in harmony. Let our Arthur Murray Dance Centres help you and your partner get in shape and develop the perfect routine for your special day.

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Social Dancing

Social dancing classes are all about fun. This form of dance can be with or without a partner and will help you to be confident when attending recreational event that involves dancing. Learn to impress your peers at a wedding, nightclub, or charity event with no prior experience necessary!

Our full-trained and competition winning teachers will guide you on your way to becoming a self-assured dancer. Social dance is also a great way to keep in shape whilst enjoying yourself. Book now to find out if you are eligible for a free first session.

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What makes our Dance Classes in Sydney different?

We are aware that starting any new skill is exciting but also quite daunting. Many people worry that they will not be ‘good enough’ or believe that they cannot dance full stop! At Arthur Murray Dance Studios, we understand those fears, however, we strongly believe that anyone can learn to become confident on the dancefloor.

Often, people new to dance can feel intimidated by other dancers’ abilities when joining a mixed ability group. This is completely understandable and why our beginner dance classes in Sydney and Chatswood are specifically tailored to make new students feel comfortable and ready to learn!

Our Dance Classes will make you feel comfortable from the very first step

We make sure that your first dancing experience is one of enjoyment and laughter, easing you into the world of dance in a comfortable way. You will learn new skills on day one and meet people with the same passion for learning a brand-new hobby.

Our passionate teachers understand the needs of beginner students and how to develop your learning fast, getting you on the dancefloor as soon as we can. This way, you can see yourself progressing and get the wonderful feeling of success. Book now to claim your free first lesson!

Join Our Dance Classes In Sydney And Enjoy The Benefits Today

Whatever your level or motivation, you can rest sure we have the perfect dance classes for you

From those looking to stay active or just start a new hobby, all the way to the competitive side. Everyone can benefit from dancing. There is no age that cannot attempt the sophistication of ballroom dancing or prepare for your wedding through our specialised wedding dance classes in Sydney!

At Arthur Murray Dance Studios, we are passionate about improving our students physical and mental health. We also feel it is important to help build confidence and provide a wonderful environment and social setting. Read on to discover the many reasons why dancing could improve your wellbeing.

What are the best type of dance classes for you to improve your technique?

There are pros and cons to one-on-one dance lessons vs group sessions. Read on to decide which option is best for you!

Perfecting your dance technique always gives you a huge sense of achievement. When you notice yourself becoming more competent, the feeling you get is unparalleled. Many people find that our private dance classes in Sydney and Chatswood can them to fine tune their movements. Others find that the motivation of a group setting can really propels them forward. You may find that a mixture of the two is the perfect solution!

Fast track your progress with One-to-One Sessions that cater to your individual needs

A big plus for a private dance classes is the attention that you get from your teacher. The lesson will be tailored to meet your individual needs and help you to grow. This can help you to learn faster as your instructor will understand exactly what you will need to work on in order to improve. You will also build a closer relationship to your teacher and learn from each other the best way to achieve your dancing goals.

Learn faster with Group Dance Sessions that are friendly and fun

When it comes to group dance lessons, you learn with the support of your peers. The social aspect of a group setting is a huge motivator for most people. Watching you and your new friends progress is a wonderful experience and can give you extra confidence to persist with your dancing endeavours. We at Arthur Murray Dance Studios are proud to have had many students tell us about the fantastic new friendships they have discovered along their journey.

Do you want to be more physically fit? Dance Classes may be the answer.

What do you imagine when thinking about exercise? Some may enjoy jogging or cycling, but these things can become laborious after a while and many people find the repetitive nature a little boring. The answer may be right in front of you.

Dancing is a fun and social way to keep your body in great shape. Did you know, studies have shown that dancing can be as effective as jogging and cycling at helping you lose weight.

Up to 400 calories may be burnt off during just one half an hour session, that can go a long way!

Additionally, it is not just weight loss that dancing can help. Many dances consist of moves such as lifts, twists, and fast steps, improving your overall muscular strength every time you practice!

You will also build up your muscular endurance due to your consistency. This will result in a noticeable difference in your ability to carry out day to day tasks more easily. It may not take long at all for you to see a big change in your physical capabilities.

Lastly, your whole body will thank you. Dancing consistently over time may lead to decreased blood pressure and reduced cholesterol, resulting in a vast improvement of your circulatory system.

Your risk of developing illnesses such as diabetes could drop and due to the calories, that you will burn, you are a lot less likely to become obese.

Why choose Arthur Murray Dance Centres for your Dancing Experience?

Our goal at Arthur Murray Dance Company is to provide a fun learning experience for each of our students based on their individual needs. We achieve this by bringing a first class Arthur Murray Dance Experience to the people of the North Shore, Sydney CBD and surrounding suburbs. Our studios act as a “dancing hub” in the community, a place where people can learn to dance and meet like-minded people while having fun.

The teachers at our dance company will show you some of today’s most popular dances in Ballroom, Latin, Swing, and many other styles. Our dance company offers personalised dance programs that include private and group lessons, and social dances to help you learn at your own pace.

Whether your goals are dancing modest or ambitious, we offer convenient times and flexible programs to suit your schedule and individual needs.

Searching for the best Dance Classes in Sydney?

Look no further, Arthur Murray delivers the best Dance lessons in Sydney

Arthur Murray is one of the longest standing and most successful dance studio networks in Sydney and the world. With over 270 studios across 22 countries, Arthur Murray has a proven platform to deliver the best dance classes in Sydney.

In 1912, Arthur Murray began teaching dance in the evenings, after working in an architectural office during the day. Over 100 years later, his hard work and passion have resulted in the growth of one of the largest dance studio networks in the world.

Also, when you learn to dance with Arthur Murray, you really do take advantage of the best dance classes in Sydney. In fact, our teachers Mark and Melanie are two-time world champions and hold several other national and international dance titles. So if you’re looking for the best dance classes in Sydney, why not learn from the best (literally)?

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Finally, professional Dance Classes in Sydney

Backed by an international reputation, Arthur Murray Dance Centres have been upholding the strictest standards in dance since 1912. With trusted courses that are designed to help you progress and have fun, Arthur Murray really is Sydney’s favourite dance studio. Also, our experience and amazing learning environment is what makes Arthur Murray Dance Centres different.

From our award-winning instructors to our passionate owners and even our students. Our dance school works together as a successful team to help one another grow. So if you’re looking for a trusted dance school with a track record that speaks for itself, then get in touch with your local Arthur Murray Dance Centre today! Discover what makes us different by requesting your first free dance lesson.

Learn more about our company and the popular dance classes that we offer in Sydney:

Learn more about our Dance Company

Learn more about Arthur Murray and what makes us different!

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Ballroom Dancing

Learn from our full range of ballroom dance classes that include styles such as Salsa, Bolero, Bacahata, Swing and more.

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Group Dance Classes

Get involved in Sydney’s best group dance classes led by instructors that are highly-experienced dancers.

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One on One Private Dance Classes

Our professional instructors are available for more personalised dance classes.

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Bridal & Wedding Dance Classes

Make the most out of your special day with our amazing Bridal and Wedding Dance Classes.

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Beginners Dance Classes

Nobody is born a brilliant dancer! Meet new people and start learning how to dance today at fun and interactive classes!

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360 Students

have joined our dance classes from Sydney

So why wait any longer? Get fit, meet locals, master different dance styles and have loads of fun! Join other locals today and see why Arthur Murray Dance Centres have the best dance classes in Sydney.


Join the best dance classes in Sydney today!

Arthur Murray Dance Centres deliver fun and professional dance lessons to help you become a better dancer.

Join the best dance classes in Sydney today by getting in touch with our friendly team! Arthur Murray Dance Centres are trusted dance schools with trusted courses proven to help you succeed and have fun. With an impressive track record, Arthur Murray Dance Centres have helped hundreds of people in Sydney improve their dancing.

For years, our dance lessons have helped locals from Sydney discover their potential. Each course is specially designed to ensure students have fun and can quickly master their desired dance styles.

Take the leap and join the best dance classes in Sydney today!

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So, what does it mean to have the “best dance classes” in Sydney?

When it comes to choosing the dance school with the best dance lessons in Sydney, there are a few factors to take into consideration. With numerous options, it can be quite difficult to choose a dance school especially if this is your first time dancing and can’t compare it to any other experience. So then, what does it mean to have the “best dance classes” in Sydney?

We believe the answer is experience and passion

Since 1912, the direction that our founder wanted to take was obvious. Working during the day and teaching dance at night is the perfect example of how Arthur Murray’s passion drove success. Since then, only the strictest standards have been adhered to, to provide students with courses that have improved over the years.

The result is a range of highly developed courses that are designed to improve your progression as a dancer. Furthermore, our amazing instructors have years of dance competition experience and formal teaching experience. As a result, our instructors practise what they teach, have a keen eye for detail and are extremely passionate.

Happy couple dancing energetically during a dance class display

Understanding what it means to have the “best dance classes” in Sydney

Many dance studios will claim to have the best dance classes without substantiating their claim. The first thing you should look for is a course. This ensures that you will progress. Think of what would happen if you went to school and there was no structure to each subject. Whilst learning may be fun, it can be very frustrating if you are not progressing.

The world-famous courses that Arthur Murray Dance Centres use are ones that have improved since 1912. With such a long history and opportunities for improvement, it’s clear that courses that have been developed to suit modern learning styles are superior.

Also, our instructors demonstrate an obvious passion for their work. Not only are they amazing dancers, but their passion for what they do is truly extraordinary. Most importantly, our instructors are truly committed to helping you progress as a dancer.

Discover the Arthur Murray difference today! Take the first steps towards beginning your journey as a dancer and request your first free lesson. Also, dancers with previous experience are always welcome as we have more suitable advanced lessons available. Arthur Murray Dance Centres are committed to always delivering fun and interactive dance classes in Sydney that ensures you’ll progress as a dancer.

Why not be the best dancer you can be? Learn to dance with Arthur Murray today!

Our Commitment to you

To deliver the best dance classes in Sydney to help you become the best dancer you can be whilst having fun.


Frequently Asked Questions

Some frequently asked questions our Sydney customers ask us about our dance classes.

What type of dance is best for beginners?

There is not a particular style of dance that is perfect for beginners, everyone is different and will be interested in different forms of dance. At Arthur Murray Dance Studios, we suggest that you join our beginner dance classes. They are fun, interactive, and a perfect way to start your journey. Book today and receive your first lesson free!

Can I teach myself to dance?

There are ways to teach yourself to dance online and these are mainly through videos or instructions. You can learn elements of dance this way but there are a few problems. Learning with a live instructor gives you the format to ask questions and get instant feedback. This will certainly improve the way that you learn and observing your teacher’s movements in a class provides you with a much better platform to understand how each dance is performed.

Additionally, there is no substitute for the social interaction and wonderful support that you will get from a group setting. Meeting new friends and going on this journey together. Book now for your first lesson free!

What age should you start dance lessons?

You are never too old or too young to start dance classes! Children aged 3-4 can start with simple choreography and there is no age limit upwards. So, if you are a young person or a senior citizen, it is never too late to get involved and start moving your feet! Book now to gain a free lesson, on us.

What dances styles do you teach?

Arthur Murray Dance Centres are a ballroom dance school offering various dance classes for styles including:

  • Salsa
  • Bachata
  • Cha Cha
  • Foxtrot
  • Bolero
  • Merengue
  • Tango
  • Hustle
  • Mambo
  • Quickstep
  • Rumba
  • Samba
  • Swing
  • Viennese Waltz
  • Waltz
  • Country Western
  • Salsa
  • Bachata
  • Cha Cha
  • Foxtrot
  • Bolero
  • Merengue
  • Tango
  • Hustle
  • Mambo
  • Quickstep
  • Rumba
  • Samba
  • Swing
  • Viennese Waltz
  • Waltz
  • Country Western
What are common reasons to learn dance?

There are numerous reasons why people learn to dance including:

  • Joining a formal class to accelerate your learning as opposed to learning from home
  • Becoming more social
  • Learning to dance for a wedding or other special event
  • Aim to be a professional or competitive dancer
What are the benefits of learning to dance?

Some of the benefits of joining a dance class can include:

  • Improving timing, coordination, flexibility, strength and endurance
  • Boost energy levels
  • Improving cardiovascular health
  • Improving brain function and reducing stress
  • Improving your self-confidence and having a more fun and active social life
How do dance classes work?

Dance classes are fun, interactive and move at a great pace. Usually you will start with a warm-up, getting you into the groove and ready to learn. Your instructor will then show you some steps, leading you into a choreographed dance that you will all do together. To discover more, book today and receive your free first lesson!

Is dancing natural or learned?

Whether you have a natural talent or ‘two left feet’, you can learn to dance. At Arthur Murray Dance Studios, classes are based around having fun whilst learning. Dancing should never be a chore and even if you feel that your skills are limited, you can expand and grow as a dancer, whoever you are. Come and see for yourself and claim your free first lesson today!

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