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At Arthur Murray Dance Centres, we offer several ballroom dancing classes for different abilities. All our instructors have previous competition experience and teaching experience. This means that with a keen eye for detail, they can help you perfect every move. They’re also the most passionate dance instructors you’ll ever meet and are always willing to help. Using their experience they can help you overcome simple mistakes and help you perfect complicated routines.

Ballroom Dancing Sydney, Learn to Dance in Sydney with Arthur Murray Dance Centres

An Introduction to Ballroom Dancing in Sydney

Over the years, ballroom dancing has become more and more popular among the masses as a form of exercise and social hobby. Lots of people also dance professionally and engage in ballroom dancing competitions.

Rather than fixating on one style, ballroom dancing is the umbrella term for many similar dances. Some of these you may have heard of such as the Fox Trot, Tango, Waltz or Quickstep. Throughout the world, people come together to enjoy the graceful motion and flowing movement of ballroom dancing and there is no better time to learn than now.

Anyone can learn Ballroom Dancing in Sydney

At Arthur Murray Dance Studios, we understand the different levels that you may be at when it comes to ballroom dancing. Luckily, we can accommodate all abilities, from fresh beginners looking for a new hobby to highly experienced dancers. We will give you the confidence to pursue your aspirations, whether you have ‘two left feet’ or not!

Our classes accommodate singles and couples, allowing you to learn your new skill whilst being as sociable as you feel comfortable with. Book today for your first class free!

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The journey of Ballroom Dancing, from past to present

The term ‘Ballroom Dancing’ originates from its Latin ‘Ballare’ meaning ‘to dance’, hence, the name ‘ballroom’ loosely translates to ‘dancing room’. Years ago, this form of dancing had a reputation as a sophisticated and upper-class activity, reserved for the privileged few. Nowadays everyone can enjoy ballroom dancing in Sydney and all across the globe.

The early days of Ballroom Dancing

If we look back through history, the first account of ballroom dancing was in 1589. In this text, the author Thoinot Arbeau discusses the interaction of musicians and dancers in a social ballroom setting, essentially commenting on how the two work together. Soon after, in 1650, The Minuet came to fruition. This was a slow and graceful dance that dominated ballroom throughout the 18th century.

After this period, a dance more familiar to modern society became the standard, The Waltz. When this dance was first introduced, controversy followed. Many people found it distasteful due to how close the partners would stand and their closed hold. However, once time passed, this was accepted and was considered as beautiful and sophisticated as it is today.

The 20th Century to Ballroom Dancing in Sydney today

In the 20th century, ballroom dancing became hugely popular in the United States with help from successful dancers such as Fred Astaire. It travelled around the world from then, blossoming into many forms such as the foxtrot and quickstep. Now we all enjoy the flowing grace of ballroom dancing and the many benefits that it brings.

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Fun and Interactive Ballroom Dancing in Sydney!

Our group dance classes are always fun and interactive! Furthermore, our teachers are trained to ensure a safe dancing environment to avoid any unnecessary collisions. Why wait any longer? Learn from the best in an incredible environment that promotes development, is fun and safe. Contact our Arthur Murray Dance Centres today to see if you are eligible for your free first dance class!

Standard Ballroom Dances

Our first dance to look at is the Waltz. Graceful and smooth, this form of ballroom dancing dominated the 18th century. It is one of the early classics and includes a ‘rise and fall’ motion which has become synonymous with this type of ballroom dance.

The Tango is a passionate dance. It seamlessly marries dramatic, staccato movements with slow, flowing steps to give the audience a view of physicalizing an exciting storyline. It is often said to be a wonderfully romantic ballroom dance.

The Foxtrot encapsulates the pure essence of smoothness and grace. The name ‘trot’ originates from the dance’s ‘down, up’ movements which flow beautifully. Many suggest that the dancers look as if they were wearing ‘ice skates’ due to the smooth nature of the dance.

One of the most impressive ballroom dances, the Viennese Waltz is one of the old classics. Its height of popularity was in the early 19th century yet never has this dance gone out of style. An air of sophistication surrounds this form of ballroom and due to its speed and 1,2,3 timing, it can be a challenge.

This dance is a real energetic number. Considered to be light-hearted, the Quickstep includes an array of skips, flicks and hops which can thrill the audience. Upbeat music is at the heart of this fun dance and is more than suitable for formal and informal events.

Latin Ballroom Dances

Originated in Brazil, the Samba imitates the celebratory, carnival feeling. Light on your feet with forward and backward steps, rocking your body in 4/4 time. This dance truly gives the dancers and audience a fabulous taste of Brazilian culture.

Originally known as the ‘Cha Cha Cha’, this Cuban dance is fun to learn and a joy to perform. Recognised for its ‘1, 2, cha, cha, cha’ rhythm, the Cha Cha is a fast dance with sharp actions and quick foot movement.

This is one of the most exciting dances to watch. The Paso Doble is well renowned for its dramatic nature, this comes from the influence it has taken from the Spanish Bullfight. When participating in this dance, it is almost as if you are challenging your partner at every turn, this gives the performance its dramatic edge.

Wondering what to expect at Rumba dance lessons? The distinctive hip movement of Rumba, called the Cuban Motion, is one of the most important elements of this dance. Introduced in Cuba, it is an important styling element in a number of popular Latin American dances. Rumba dance lessons will sharpen your sense of rhythm, timing and muscular control.

The Jive is a dance that originated from African Americans in the United States during the early 1930s. The term “Jive” was derived from African American vernacular slang. The dance is happy and energetic with plenty of leg work including bending and lifting of the knee and rocking of the hips. Jive is a variation of the Jitterbug which is a form of Swing dance. Jive is usually performed to Swing, Rock & Roll and Jump Blues music.

Get on the Dancefloor to Improve your Physical Health!

What do you imagine when thinking about exercise? Some may enjoy jogging or cycling, but these things can become laborious after a while and many people find the repetitive nature a little boring. The answer may be right in front of you. Ballroom dancing is a fun and social way to keep your body in great shape.

Did you know, studies have shown that ballroom dancing can be as effective as jogging and cycling at helping you lose weight. Up to 400 calories may be burnt off during just one half an hour session, that can go a long way!

Let Ballroom Dancing Sydney Better your Fitness

Additionally, it is not just weight loss that ballroom dancing can help. Many dances consist of moves such as lifts, twists, and fast steps, improving your overall muscular strength every time you practice! You will also build up your muscular endurance due to your consistency. This will result in a noticeable difference in your ability to carry out day to day tasks more easily. It may not take long at all for you to see a big change in your physical capabilities.

Lastly, your whole body will thank you. Dancing consistently over time may lead to decreased blood pressure and reduced cholesterol, resulting in a vast improvement of your circulatory system. Your risk of developing illnesses such as diabetes could drop and due to the calories, that you will burn, you are a lot less likely to become obese. Also, compared to other forms of dance, ballroom has a much lower accident rate, leaving you safe in the knowledge that a slip or fall is much less likely.

Learn how Ballroom Dancing Sydney can help with your Mental Health

When participating in ballroom dancing, you use your head in different ways. To learn moves and steps, execute them in dance and bring it all to full speed. This takes brainpower. Like other muscles, when you train your brain like this, it becomes more adequate in all situations.

The act of learning these new skills in ballroom dancing has been shown to potentially improve your awareness, focus, concentration, alertness, and memory.

Allow your daily stresses to drift away with Ballroom Dancing in Sydney

Ballroom dancing has also been shown to potentially help with stress, anxiety, and depression. The way we concentrate on learning this new skill, alongside enjoying social interactions throughout, may help to combat these mental problems. When joining in with one of our lessons, it can give you the chance to forget about all other stresses and worries and just drift into the world of ballroom.

Also, the endorphins that are released during your time dancing are proven to reduce your levels of stress and help you to relax. Ballroom dancing is also a wonderful mood enhancer and you should find yourself smiling a lot throughout your classes, improving how you feel overall.

Boost your Confidence with Ballroom Dancing Classes in Sydney today!

Many people struggle with confidence. Whether it be a lack of belief in their own ability or generally a social phobia, it is common for people to worry when it comes to putting themselves out there and trying new things. Ballroom dancing can help bring out the absolute best in you.

You will be surrounded by friendly and comforting people, who will help you to overcome your fears whilst learning a brand-new skill. Coordinating yourself with others and progressing together will give you a great feeling and the positivity that you gain will surely help you in all aspects of your life.

Enjoy an Exciting New Part of your Social Life

One of the many brilliant aspects of ballroom dancing is that you are in a low-pressure environment. Everyone participating is at different levels and abilities and this makes it a great place to meet new people. Ballroom dancing is known to be a fantastic way to bring people together and socialise in a relaxed atmosphere. So, if you are interested in meeting some like-minded people who will support you throughout your learning, step right this way!

Lots of our students have built long-lasting friendships over the years, their passion for ballroom dancing and laughter is the glue that keeps these friendships going! The welcoming surroundings that we provide give you the perfect environment to discover these new relationships.

Why choose Arthur Murray Dance Centres for your Ballroom Dancing Sydney Experience?

Our goal at Arthur Murray Dance Company is to provide a fun learning experience for each of our students based on their individual needs. We achieve this by bringing a first-class Arthur Murray Dance Experience to the people of the North Shore, Sydney CBD and surrounding suburbs. Our studios act as a “dancing hub” in the community, a place where people can learn to dance and meet like-minded people while having fun.

The teachers at our dance company will show you some of today’s most popular dances in Ballroom, Latin, Swing, and many other styles. Our dance company offers personalised dance programs that include private and group lessons, and social dances to help you learn at your own pace.

Whether your goals are dancing modest or ambitious, our dance company offers convenient times and flexible programs to suit your schedule and individual needs.

Learn Ballroom Dancing in Sydney with Arthur Murray World Champions

Learn how to dance with the very best in the industry. Our award-winning instructors are ready to share all their dancing secrets with you. Ready to embark on an exciting new dancing journey with classes that are both fun and effective? Then come and join us at Arthur Murray Chatswood or Sydney CBD; we can’t wait to meet you!

Frequently Asked Questions

Why is ballroom dancing so expensive?

Ballroom dancing in Sydney is only growing in popularity. When it comes to price, Arthur Murray Dance Studios offer not only a fair rate but also a free first session! This way you can decide for yourself if the graceful world of ballroom dancing is for you. Contact us today to claim your free first session!

What benefits can you get through ballroom dancing?

There are so many wonderful benefits to partaking in ballroom dancing in Sydney. You may feel the physical health benefits from spending time on your feet, dancing the foxtrot. Another big plus is your mental health, learning a new, beautiful skill and reducing your stresses. Not to mention, the social aspect, meeting new people, beginners and experienced, all enjoying the ballroom dancing experience together. Contact Arthur Murray Dance Studios today to unlock all these benefits and more.

What is the best ballroom dance to learn first?

There is not a hard and fast rule to which ballroom dance you should learn first. A good starting place would be the Waltz, this is probably the most well-known dance and wonderfully smooth. Another good option would be the Foxtrot, a dance that epitomizes classic Hollywood from years ago. For information on which dances you may learn and to book for first free class, contact Arthur Murray Dance Studios today.

What are the 5 ballroom dances?

There are many more than 5 ballroom dances, some of the most popular around the world tend to be the Waltz, Foxtrot, Cha Cha, Rumba and Tango. There are also other options such as the Paso Doble, Samba and Quickstep. To learn more about the different types of ballroom dances, enquire at the Arthur Murray Dance Studio today. Be adventurous and join the friendly ballroom dancing community!

What is the hardest ballroom dance to learn?

Considered by many to be the most challenging, the Viennese Waltz does consist of simple and elegant rotational movements. However, these are executed up to 4 times as quickly as the conventional waltz, plus, there are slight differences in the steps. Whether it is the Viennese Waltz or the Foxtrot, trust that the Arthur Murray Dance Studio can teach you the skills to master these beautiful ballroom dances in Sydney.

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