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Because your special day deserves the perfect wedding dance

Looking for the best wedding dance classes in Sydney? We combine over 100 years of dancing tuition experience and world-champion instructors to help you create the wedding dance of your dreams.

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Wedding Dance Classes Sydney, Learn to Dance in Sydney with Arthur Murray Dance Centres
Wedding Dance Classes Sydney, Learn to Dance in Sydney with Arthur Murray Dance Centres
Wedding Dance Classes Sydney, Learn to Dance in Sydney with Arthur Murray Dance Centres

Your first wedding dance class is on us

Ready to get started? Your first wedding dance lesson is on us! We have convenient and easily accessible locations in Sydney CBD and Chatswood. So, what are you waiting for?

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We are the Wedding Dance Classes specialists in Sydney

Your special day deserves the perfect wedding dance. Arthur Murray Dance Centres offer wedding dance classes in Sydney catered to your individual needs and preferences. Our teachers understand that your wedding day might be the most important day of your life, so they will make sure that it has the perfect dance.

Arthur Murray is one of the longest standing and most successful dance studio networks in Sydney and the world. With over 270 studios spread across 22 countries worldwide, Arthur Murray offers you a proven platform to get ready for your wedding dance.

Dazzle your guests with a stunning wedding dance

At Arthur Murray Dance Studios we realise how important your first dance is and we want to make it magical. Moreover, we understand that the perfect wedding dance is a beautiful display of two souls in harmony. That is why we help you and your partner get in shape and develop the perfect routine for your special day.

First time dancing? Our specialised beginners dance classes are designed to teach you the fundamentals that you will be using for all dances, including your very own wedding dance.

Get in touch with our team today to learn more about our bridal and wedding dance classes available.

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Award winning instructors to help you achieve all your dancing dreams

You only get one chance with your wedding dance, so why not prepare with the very best instructors in Sydney?, our award winning dance teachers can’t wait to meet you and help you achieve your perfect wedding dance.

Fun & Interactive Wedding Dance Classes

Even if you have never danced in your life, our proven teaching methodology is designed to make you feel comfortable from the very first moment and get you dancing in no time and ready for your special day.

Get ready for your wedding dance with the very best instructors in Sydney. All in a friendly, fun and safe environment.

Our Wedding Classes cater specifically for you

At Arthur Murray, we provide personalised wedding dance classes for everyone! No matter your level, our experienced wedding dance instructors will get you dancing in harmony and ready to deliver on a beautiful display in no time.

No matter what your age is or dancing experience, we can create a dancing program that suits your needs.

LGBTIQ & Same Sex Wedding Dance Classes in Sydney

Are you in the LGBTIQ community or are looking for same sex dancing classes for your wedding? Then look no further! At Arthur Murray Dance Centers we offer you a wide range of wedding dance classes, specifically tailored for you and your partner.

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Teaching wedding dance classes around the world for over 100 years

In 1912, a young man named Murray Teichman began teaching dance in the evenings, while working in an architectural office during the day. Over 100 years later, what he began in 1912 grew to become what today is one of the largest dancing networks in the world.

Today, you have the opportunity to become part of this exciting dancing movement and learn to dance from the very best in the world. We can’t wait to meet you and see where your dancing journey will take you!

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Pick your favourite dance style for your wedding dance

At Arthur Murray Dance Studios, we’re proud to offer the most comprehensive range of the most popular dance styles. You can rest sure that our instructors have the experience to help you get ready for your wedding dance, no matter the dance style you pick.

The first dance is a major part of your wedding day and you want to make sure it is beautiful. There are many different options to choose from when picking the right dance for both of you. The Waltz is a timeless classic that is always elegant, however, you may prefer to up the tempo with a rendition of The Rumba. Additionally, we can work with you and your partner to create your very own, choreographed dance to impress your wedding guests. 

What makes Arthur Murray Dance Studios the perfect place to prepare for your wedding dance?

At Arthur Murray Dance Studios, we guarantee the passion we have for teaching dance will be the fuel for your progress. Our experienced wedding dance instructors love to see their students deliver on a memorable and magical first dance for their guests and families.

Passion for creating magical wedding dances

Never have you met more passionate people than our instructors for making your wedding dance a total success. Our wedding dance classes will ensure you feel comfortable and confident to deliver a stunning performance on your special day.

The drive we have for ensuring your first dance is perfect is what sets us apart from anyone else. We will let you in to our dancing world and show you all the secrets and tips that go into making a wonderful first dance.

Personalised Wedding Dance Classes

Our instructors always make sure that you are not left behind. Our wedding dance classes and teaching style are tailored to your specified needs. This way, you can fast track your improvement and be sure to be ready for your special day on time.

We believe that every couple is different .Whether you are both experienced or  complete beginners, our wedding dance classes are designed to get you both dancing in harmony and ready to deliver a beautiful performance.

2 state of the art studios to choose from

Arthur Murray Sydney CBD Studio

Arthur Murray Sydney studio has been teaching Sydneysiders the joy of dancing for over 60 years in its current location. After the studio was taken over by our 2 time World Champions Mark & Melanie, the studio underwent a major renovation and now has a gorgeous “Old Hollywood Glamour” feel combined with the highest quality dance tuition you can find in Sydney.

Arthur Murray Chatswood Studio

Our Chatswood studio was launched In January 2017. Covered with chandeliers and mirrors Arthur Murray Chatswood is a luxurious dance studio where you will feel comfortable from the very first moment. With a fully sprung floor that won’t hurt your legs, air conditioning, tea and coffee facilities, our studios are designed to feel like your second home.

Our Top Tips for a Smooth and Graceful Wedding Dance

Everyone wants their first dance to flow elegantly with no trip-ups! At Arthur Murray Dance Studios we provide specialised Wedding Dance Classes in Sydney to help make sure everything goes to plan. Don’t compromise when it comes to your special day!

Wear dance-friendly shoes for your wedding dance

We know that stunning wedding shoes are a big part of the wedding ensemble, however, when performing your first dance, make sure it is possible to move in them! If not, maybe have a quick change before you get onto the dancefloor, you can always put them back on once you finished.

Consider your dance floor space for your wedding dance

Occasionally, accidents can happen. The last thing that you want when it comes to your magical moment is to realise that you don’t have enough room for your big finish (if you chose to have one). Find out how large your dancefloor is before you choreograph your romantic first dance and keep your dance smooth!

Wear a comfortable outfit for your wedding dance style

Finding the perfect wedding outfit is a magical experience in itself. Make sure that you keep up your elegant look by partnering your style of dance accordingly. If you plan on your dance involving lifts, spins and jumps, be sure that your outfit can accommodate for those moves!

Get plenty of practice before your wedding dance

This tip goes without saying. Practice makes perfect. You can never rehearse your first dance too many times. Put the hours in and you will be sure to perform a stunning dance that will impressive your friends and family. Our Wedding Dance Classes in Sydney will give you the confidence you need to put on a great performance.

Pick a song you both love for your wedding dance

Picking a song that you both can relate to and love will makes things a lot easier. Try not to choose a son simply because it’s popular at the time or is in line with traditions. Remember the song you pick for your wedding dance should reflect your personalities and be about you both having fun and enjoying the moment.

Make sure to have fun during your wedding dance

After all, it is your special day! Trust your practice time, relax and try to ‘be in the moment’. Smile, relax and enjoy your beautiful wedding dance with your other half as this will be a moment you will both cherish for many years to come.

Frequently Asked Questions

How many dance lessons should you have before your wedding?

The answer here is different for everyone. We recommend 15-25 lessons generally depending on what dance you choose and your previous experience. As you may expect, the more you practice, the better your results, so book as many as you feel comfortable with. Enquire today to request a free first session!

Should you take dance lessons before your wedding?

It is definitely a safe bet to take wedding dance classes before your big day. Your confidence is guaranteed to rise and you will learn the steps and movements to impress your family and friends. Book your first free session today and be sure to have a graceful first dance!

What dances should I learn for a wedding?

There are no rules to this, however, there are more popular styles. They include The Waltz, The Sway, The Slow Dance, The Swing, The Foxtrot, Salsa and many others. You can even choreograph your own dance if you are feeling impressive! Speak with our friendly team at Arthur Murray Dance Studios to book your first free session and to decide which dance would be best for you.

Who should take wedding dance classes?

Wedding Dance Classes are recommended for anyone planning to have a first dance as part of their wedding celebrations or ceremony. No matter the dance style you choose, our professional and friendly wedding dance instructors will help you create a stunning wedding dance routine.

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Use the map below to find out which of our studios, Chatswood or Sydney CBD is closest to you.

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